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NBA Challenge Standings 2018-19  <<< Click Here to Download/View  (Last Audit 04.04.19) – Subject To Final Audit – 04.14.19
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Congratulations to the WINNERS…  Bragging Rights now belong to YOU.

Thanks for playing…   John

NBA Final 2016-7 Standings             2016-7 Playoff Results

2017 NBA LIVE Draft Results

Time until NBA Season Opener 2017-18

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1st through 70th place

6 thoughts on “NBA Basketball

  1. Thanks John, I enjoyed playing. See you at BB next time on my trip from up from Fresno. Say hi to Matt for me, he moved ahead of me at the end and I guess I owe him the 1 $ we had on the side.

  2. Please feel free to use this area to chat with anyone that is part of the challenge. Don’t start any fights, but feel free to post any witty comments that promote enthusiasm and friendly rivalries with others that are a part of the game. These are all public comments.

    1. John this i s Richard, i hope i got the right person i suck at this. Lol , I relize i owe you money i am not trying to afford you i ts just my work is so scewed up. I get off at one on sunday and Monday. I could meet you at cal nev on Monday when i get off if that works for you. I am very sorry.

      1. Either day is fine. If I am not there please leave it with the spots book bartender. or you can use the PayPal button on

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